Just Hosting is proud to offer colocation services for clients requiring traffic intensive application and who have demanding workloads on their websites and networks, or have a custom platform that they must run. Colocation is the perfect solution for businesses who require a strong IT presence, but don’t have the space or time to house and regularly maintain their own server.

With our colocation services, you will have the use of a space within a rack in our data centers. This offers greater flexibility than a shared hosting plan, as you can customize everything as it is your own equipment. You can configure the operating system, hardware, operations, control panel – everything you need to make your server accessible to you and your staff.

Colocation offer many benefits over other types of hosting plans. You have a higher level of security and control, as you have complete power over your server use and operations.

Our Data Centres

Our colocation services are offered from our secure data centres in Hamilton, Ontario, and Montreal, Quebec. Both locations are available to serve you better.

The our data centres boast redundancy, robust temperature monitoring systems, and 24/7 monitoring. In the event of a power outage or blackout, the backup generators will work continuously and indefinitely to provide 100% uptime. 

Benefits of Colocation

Colocation is the perfect answer for businesses without the space in their office to have their own server room or who don’t want to have a permanent IT staff on hire.

By using our data centres, you can save on the cost of setting up your own and hiring staff to maintain it. Finding space and setting up a data centre with the proper specifications is a difficult and expensive process. It is more cost efficient to choose the colocation option.

Scalability is also more feasible. You can upgrade your bandwidth in a few days or as little as a few minutes with built in redundancies. When done in an office, this same task can often take months.

Because you can utilize your own servers, you’re in complete control over them. The hardware, software, upgrades, configuration – you can fully customize everything yourself. You don’t have to wait for your provider to do it for you. You have the freedom with only a fraction of the cost.

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    We require up to 7 business days to activate rack service, due to equipment and wiring requirements

    Most servers are 1U, with the next most common being 2U. If you have a desktop system, select "Other/Custom".

    Most Server Grade equipment is compatible due to featuring a switching power supply. Some consumer / SOHO grade equipment may not or may have a manual switch.

    Most Individual Servers will use between 1-3 Amps @ 208V

    We have selected the most common speed.

    We provide a /30 IPv4 Address Block and a /56 IPv6 (Where available) by default
    Do you require more than the default?

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    If you would like more information about our colocation please contact us. We look forward to helping you find the best hosting for your project.


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